A conventional museum has been always conceived as an introverted object with an extravagant outer skin covering the chained enclosed spaces in which arts will be showcased and admired. The ribbon museum investigates a fundamental shift in museum typology. It aims to redefine the act of exploring by focusing on the outdoor experiences where the surrounding landscape will be in the center of attention. It will be an extroverted edifice which emphasizes the outdoor experience. Hence, the architectonic of the local landscape will be the main actor in the scene. 

Fictitious Ribbon

Rang Dong Symbiocity

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featured in L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui

If the future motorway A154 will be operated as the territorial backbone, the whole network of agricultural interventions will be functioning as the acupuncture practice. By focusing on narrow emergent points in the territory, it involves pinpointed interventions that create a positive ripple effect to transform the whole conglomeration of Pays de Dreux. Using green infrastructure to protect the inhabited zone from harmful effects of the future motorway. a(gri)puncture network in combination with green armature and soft mobility grid will be essential elements to harmonize the conflicts between the interfaces of different urban fabrics. A(gri)puncture is a progressive conversion of underused space into productive place.

Yona Friedman

is mentor of M32

TEDxHanoi 2018

Toward a global community

June 2, 2018

Nov 20, 2018

2nd place for Future project of the year Ashui Awards 2018

⟪ on the shortlisted Entries of ASA International

Design Competition

2018/ VEX

April 15, 2018

1/100 Vietnam Innovation Network

Exhibition at Munich museum of architecture and urbanism

Solo exhibition and conference at AgoHub


at Hanoi Architectural University

Architectural Siamese Association '15 Festival


at Hanoi Creative City





2nd place 


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